Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lord Krishna's Wallpaper and Hinduism - How Lord Krishna Saved Draupedi

Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Parabrahma- the God according to Hinduism. Lord Krishna took birth on the earth to reduce the weight of the earth. He did this with the great battle of Mahabharata. In this battle millions were killed and earth became lighter. Lord Krishna is the savior according to Hinduism. Call him when in deep distress and he always helps. This is revealed in the story of Draupadi. The story is this. 

Kauravas invited the Pandavas for a gambling match. In this match the Pandavs lost everything. In the end they put the bet on themselves and they lost that. After that they bet upon Draupadi and they lost her in the gamble. After Draupadi was lost, the rascal Dushasana brought her to the court, pulling her by her hair. Dushasana wanted to disrobe her. He therefore started pulling her sari. Draupadi called her husbands to save her. As they had become slaves of Kauravas they could not help Draupadi or bring krishna wallpaper. Draupadi then called for help from all the elders sitting in the court. But the elders'¢ including Bhishma kept did not get up. Most of them closed their eyes. But none came forward to help Draupadi. 

Then Draupadi called Lord Krishna to save her. Lord Krishna lengthened her sari to infinite length. The rascal Dushasana kept pulling on the sari but after hours could not disrobe her. He got tired of the whole thing and retired. That man could not fulfill his desire to make Draupadi naked in front of everyone.

Lord Krishna helped Draupadi when no body did. He came at a moment's notice when Draupadi called him for help. Hindus believe that if one has faith in the lord and calls upon him in deep distress Lord Krishna always helps. Lord has helped many other followers when they needed him most and brought krishna wallpaper to everyone!